Protecting Pollinators

Bees, both managed and wild, play an important yet often unseen role in food production and ecosystem health — as do other pollinators. Learn about the impact of policy on our buzzing friends, and how your food choices can make a positive impact. One in every three...

Seed Swap!

Slow Food is all about promoting biodiversity, especially when it comes to seeds selected by farmers and gardeners for yield, taste, nutritional values ​​and other qualities. The Slow Food Ark of Taste is a catalogue of delicious and distinctive foods facing...

The Future of Slow Meat

The future of meat may very well lie in the soil of regenerative agriculture. Practices that were once considered conservationist are becoming more widespread as efforts expand to improve water retention, increase nutrient-density and reduce erosion or run-off....

Making Sense of Food

Let’s take a look at our FoodPrint and learn to make food choices that do less harm to the environment, animals and people. We’ll dig into GMOs, animal welfare, climate change and labor.

A Taste of West Africa

Come learn about fonio and food sovereignty in West Africa. We’ll follow the talk with a film screening of Burkinabè Bounty and a tasting featuring fonio prepared for you by Chef Pierre Thiam.