Seed Saving to Save the World

There are more things in libraries than books! Seed libraries, seed banks, and other seed-saving repositories are becoming more important than ever when it comes to preserving biodiversity.

Waste Not, Want Not

Join Massimo Bottura and Raj Patel to learn more about the causes and impact of food waste. This summit is not only a talk from leading voices. It’s also an engaging and interactive conversation with practical take-aways and delicious tastings. It’s Food for Change.

Becoming Conscious Carnivores

Can you really be a conscious carnivore? Access to humanely raised foods is expanding through the growth of farmers’ markets and online sales. But can you truly live a life of ethical animal eating? Aside from the practical and social aspects of committing to mindful carnivorism, is the notion itself conflicted or justifiable?

We Dig School Gardens

School gardens are a bed of creativity, learning and flavor. Learn best practices for teaching youth to dig into gardens.

Intro to Regenerative Agriculture

As climate change becomes an increasingly urgent issue for our food system, more and more farmers and policymakers are turning to practices that begin to rebuild our ecosystem for the better. Enter regenerative agriculture.