Making Sense of Food

Let’s take a look at our FoodPrint and learn to make food choices that do less harm to the environment, animals and people. We’ll dig into GMOs, animal welfare, climate change and labor.

A Taste of West Africa

Come learn about fonio and food sovereignty in West Africa. We’ll follow the talk with a film screening of Burkinab√® Bounty and a tasting featuring fonio prepared for you by Chef Pierre Thiam.

The Radical Power Shift of Cooperatives

Traditional economic models are steeped in systemic oppression, from leadership to consumer access. Historically, the cooperative model has provided an avenue for community-based sustainable solutions that bring power back to the people. Let’s join together to...

Food on the 2020 Ballot

For at least three election cycles, food and agriculture issues have taken a back seat to identity politics, homeland security and healthcare reform. But this spring, the very first presidential forum for the 2020 election put farmers’ rights and Big Food...