Looking Back on Slow Food Nations 2019

The 2019 festival theme was Where Tradition Meets Innovation. As you walked the festival streets, you got to experience and taste what Slow Food is and what we believe. You opened your taste buds to new flavors and your mind to new ideas. We hope the festival inspired you to learn more about food and how our food choices impact the world around us. If there was an event you didn’t get to catch or want to look back on, check out these videos and articles to recap the ideas and discussions of some of the biggest thinkers in the food world.

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Reclaiming Native Truth

From Reclaiming Native Truth to Allyship in Action: Activating Intention with Equity, Inclusion, and JusticeBy Sophie Javna Slow Food leaders gathered at the University of Denver campus on Friday, July 19th, for the afternoon Slow Food Nations Leader Summit panel. The...

School Gardens Rock

This panel was hosted by Cynthia Walters, Kim Aman, Roxanne Zimmer, Annie Walsh, Daniel Mapp, Laurie Niles, Steph Rooney, Ron Askew, and Alana Reynolds.  About 50 people and gathered under the Slow Food Salon tent (and the hot sun!) on Saturday, July 20th for the...

Indigenous Foodways and Lifeways

By Marisha Zeffer This panel was hosted by Slow Food Turtle Island Association.  This panel featured indigenous community members, organizers, advocates, and leaders. They shared their efforts, initiatives, and programs to re-introduce indigenous traditional foods,...

The Future of Slow Meat

by Marisha Zeffer This talk was led by Greg Applegate. Participating in #MeatlessMondays will not necessarily lead to systemic change. Rather, we need to eat meat that fits our values. Systemic change sometimes seems impossible when considering the way the rallying...

Protecting Pollinators

by Gay Chanler One in every three bites of food consumed is the result of pollination by honeybees. But as we learned in an engaging presentation on Sunday afternoon at Slow Food Nations, the problem involves more than honeybees. Around the world, thousands of other...

Slow Food and Policy

Slow Food and Policy — a panel moderated by Caity Moseman Wadler, Raquel Lane-Arellano, Margaret Read, and Kevin Scribner — was hosted in Denver at Slow Food Nations 2019.When most people think of “good food,” they think of the delicious dishes that they grew up with,...

African American Foodways

by Reana Kovalcik This panel was presented by Kevin Mitchell and Adrian Miller.Making a Way of No Way: African American Foodways in DiasporaAfrican American food was “molded in the crucible of enslavement,” a cuisine that was birthed by people “making a way of no way...

Food on the 2020 Ballot

by Katie Johnson This panel featured Moderator Kate Cox of The New Food Economy, Urvashi Rangan of FoodPrint, Martin Lemos of the National Young Farmers Coalition, and Jillian Semaan of Green America. At the time of this writing, there are somewhere around 460 days...

Craft Beer for Change

by Katie JohnsonThis panel featured moderator Adam Dulye of the Brewers Association, Dr. J. Jackson-Beckham of Craft Beer for All, and Panelist Katie Wallace of New Belgium Beer. How can drinking beer effect change? With the ever growing popularity of craft breweries...

The Next Generation of Farmers

by Michelle Greenwood Is Niman Ranch, or a model like it, the future of farming? With its appreciation of farmers and farming, it just might be.Led by Danielle Nierenberg, Leader Summit panel, The Next Generation of Farmers started out with the challenging news all...

Watch Food for Change Talks

Protecting Pollinators

Bees, both managed and wild, play an important yet often unseen role in food production and ecosystem health — as do other pollinators. Learn about the impact of policy on our buzzing friends, and how your food choices can make a positive impact. Speakers Kristen Schafer, Jennifer Holmes, and Sue Anderson share the latest scientific information on how chemical-intensive farming and mono-culture are harming pollinators.

Food on the 2020 Ballot

For at least three election cycles, food and agriculture issues have taken a back seat to identity politics, homeland security and healthcare reform. But this spring, the very first presidential forum for the 2020 election put farmers’ rights and Big Food monopolies at the fore. This panel will explore key areas of focus for 2020 candidates and what’s missing from their various platforms. 

Craft Beer for Change

Craft beer is no longer a niche market for a small group of beer enthusiasts.Craft beer is now in a unique position to brew real change. Hear experts in the field explore how craft breweries can be a force for good. Learn about the ethical values that set certain brewers apart, and how innovative approaches are shaping the future of the industry.

Making Sense of Food

Every time we purchase or eat food, we are voting with our forks and making decisions that impact the planet. In our busy lives, it can be overwhelming to know what choices to make. This inspiring session gives you food for thought and practical takeaways to make real impact with your everyday food habits.

Mental Health in Hospitality

This panel serves up a healthy state of mind, featuring John Hinman, Katherine Miller, Patrick Mulvaney, Alexandra Palmerton, and Zander Tekus.