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July 20, 2019, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Food Over Fire

Gathering around a fire to eat and share stories is as much a ritual today as it was when the earliest humans did it. Wherever humans have gone in the world, they have carried with them two things: language and fire. Join us for an evening to explore cultural traditions, innovative techniques and unexpected preparations — all with one thing in common. FIRE.

Food Over Fire Bars: With all this food over fire, we need something to cool down! Peruse the Food Over Fire bar menus to find craft beverages from all over the country. We’ll have two bars open throughout the evening, and don’t forget that guests get two free drinks upon entry! For our VIP guests, there will be a custom welcome cocktail prepared by Danny Childs of The Farm and The Fisherman, as well as Stem Ciders and a VIP tasting of select beers from New Belgium. 
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  • Regina Escalante Bush
  • DJ Cavem
  • Steven Redzikowski
  • Dana Rodriguez
  • Adam Schlegel
  • Cindhura Reddy
  • Franco Ruiz
  • Spencer White
  • Thach Tran
  • Nicholas Kayser
  • Kelly Whitaker
  • Hosea Rosenberg
  • Gunnar Gislason
  • Drew Deckman
  • Daniel Hyman
  • Bill Espiricueta
  • Arden Lewis
  • Alex Figura
  • Alex Seidel
  • Adam Vero
  • Danny Childs
  • Big Green Egg
  • Niceland Seafood
  • Niman Ranch
  • Sysco Denver
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Stem Ciders
  • Deckman's