Zero Waste Community Supper

Join us at the Zero Waste Community Supper to witness the innovation and creativity of chefs with this pre-service style meal. You’ll be inspired by how delicious leftovers can be!

Chef Summit

Please join us at the Slow Food Nations Chef Summit for an evening of making connections and celebrating the chef-farmer relationship. Doors open at 9pm. We’ll begin the evening at 9:30pm with a short program of speakers and demonstrations, followed by libations and...

Food Over Fire

Gather with friends, family, and foodies alike in downtown Denver to celebrate Slow Food. There will be food, drink, and live music all centered around the beautiful foods we cook over fire.

Colorado Fare Block Party

Join us for an evening of unexpected collaborations that showcase the breadth and depth of Colorado’s food culture. This night will feature Colorado’s slow food ecosystem, from ranchers and farmers, to chefs, community groups and beyond. Enjoy unlimited bites from 15+...

Pickled Pintxos and Paella
on the Patio

Join us for a fermented tasting feast at Ultreia restaurant beginning with a pintxo crawl out on the beautiful patio at Denver Union Station. The journey ends with a paella inspired by special guest and fermentation guru Sandor Katz, featuring calasparra rice,...