Thach Tran

Ace Eat Serve

Chef Thach Tran (whose first name is pronounced “Ta”) first fell in love with food on the streets of his birthplace in Saigon, Vietnam. At just seven years old, Thach began washing dishes at his grandmother’s noodle restaurants, where she patiently taught him to appreciate the intricacies of good food.

When Thach was nine years old, his grandmother sold her restaurants and moved the family to the U.S., hoping to find a better life. The convenience foods that were Thach’s first introduction to American cuisine left him feeling disappointed and confused. Thach began to study Western cooking, hoping to achieve a better understanding of American cuisine.

In 2010, Thach graduated from the culinary program at Johnson & Wales University. In August of 2017, he became the Executive Chef of Ace Eat Serve in Uptown. The lively dining room, ping-pong hall, bar and patio perfectly complement Thach’s creative, interactive and authentically inspired culinary creations. At Ace, Chef Thach has the opportunity to share his passion and experience cooking both Asian and American cuisine with the Denver dining community.