Gunnar Gislason

Executive Chef, Agern

Chef Gunnar is a classically trained Icelandic chef with more than two decades of experience in the restaurant industry. He first started his culinary training in his home town of Akureyri as a student in Fiðlarinn restaurant before completing culinary school in Reykjavík. Chef Gunnar worked his way through a variety of kitchens and styles, including Hotel Holt, Iceland’s flagship classical French kitchen as well as Kommandenten and Ensemble in Denmark, both of which held two Michelin stars. He credits his time working with Erwin Lautherbach at his restaurant Saison as one of the biggest influences in the kitchen and believes Erwin’s passion and philosophy to be what keep him going today.

Chef Gunnar opened up Dill restaurant in Reykjavík in 2009 and Agern restaurant in New York in 2016 with Claus Meyer. Both Dill and Agern have received a Michelin star and feature Icelandic and Nordic ingredients, producers, and traditions. He has published two books, ‘North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland’ and ‘The Hygge Life,’ which continue his style of cooking and passion for Nordic tradition.