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July 21, 2019, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Zero Waste Community Supper

Big festivals generate a lot of food waste — leftover food from parties, scraps from workshops, and unused demos. But we’re Slow Food, and we’re not about to toss great food! Instead, we track the leftovers and give chefs a challenge: turn these scraps into an inspired feast.

Led by chef Steven Satterfield and chef Eric Lee, the chefs are up for the challenge. Join us at the Zero Waste Community Supper to witness the innovation and creativity of chefs with this pre-service style family meal. You’ll be inspired by how delicious rescued food can be!

Zero Waste Family Meal Bars: Explore the creativity of the Zero Waste Bars at the Zero Waste Family Meal! After a weekend of tasty concoctions, we come together for a final meal to close the Slow Food Nations weekend and cheers to many more years. Guests will be invited to enjoy beverages from the weekend at our two bars, while also trying Zero Waste Cocktails prepared by Austin Carson of Bistro Georgette. 

This event features an all-star cast of chefs and sells out every year. Buy your tickets early!

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  • Regina Escalante Bush
  • Austin Carson
  • Amy Cohen
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  • Jennifer Jasinski
  • Fabrizio Facchini
  • Alex Seidel
  • Kristen Essig
  • Eric Lee
  • Dana Rodriguez
  • Drew Deckman
  • Adam Branz
  • Paul Reilly
  • Kevin Mitchell
  • Steven Satterfield
  • Martin Muhia Nyambura
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  • Natural Resources Defense Council
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