Valerie Roth

Valerie went to the University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree and has an M.A. in Communications from the Annenberg School for Communications at USC. In 2014, she pursued a certification in Holistic Nutrition and soon discovered how to combine her love of healthy eating with wholesome food products. And so by bringing forth old-world, natural health remedies in a fresh way that people could enjoy, Mind Your Manna was born.

As a brand that focuses on food meant to repair and restore, Mind Your Manna’s sole purpose is to develop healing remedies sourced from nature. Fire Brew is the culmination of those years of fiddling, in addition to Valerie’s passion to bring a healthy product into the world. Valerie’s holistic health tonics are now distributed nationwide, as well as internationally, and she is fulfilling her destiny to see her Brew on every shelf and in every household across the country.
Whether you’re familiar with natural health remedies or in the nascent stages of exploring this idea, she encourages you to give Fire Brew a try and see what you think but, more important, see how you feel!