Urvashi Rangan


Urvashi Rangan is an environmental health scientist, toxicologist and investigator with more than 25 years of experience deciphering food systems to educate consumers, companies, government agencies and philanthropic investors on the best systems to support. Urvashi is a national spokesperson and advocate on a wide range of food safety risks – pathogens, pesticides, antibiotic resistance, arsenic and other carcinogens – as well as sustainable solutions, product choices and meaningful labels.

Urvashi is the Chief Science Advisor to the Grace Communications Foundation where she works on a wide range of communication and messaging initiatives on sustainable food issues. She also leads a consulting business focused on sustainable food systems, labeling and other food production issues. She is a founding Board member of the Grassfed Alliance, a non-profit established to promote authentically produced grassfed products. She chairs True Cost Accounting impact area, at the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, a network of funders around the globe. She is helping to form a network of funders focused on regenerative agriculture in food.

Urvashi has two sons in 5th and 7th grade who attend the NYC public schools. She has participated extensively in the Parent’s Association and also co-chaired the School Leadership Team (SLT) for two years. She also helped to bring Wellness in the Schools (WITS) into her children’s elementary school 7 years ago.

She has won several awards in investigative journalism and communications, participated in a number of public debates on food systems, testified to Congress and other agencies, as well as served as a member of the FDA Food Advisory Committee. From 1999-2016, Urvashi worked at Consumer Reports leading Product Safety, launching the Food Safety and Sustainability Center and directed dozens of investigations. She is a frequent speaker on the national stage including TedX, Aspen Ideas Festival, Chicago Ideas Festival, and dozens of national media spots. She received her PhD in Environmental Health Sciences in from Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health.