Seth Siobhan O’Donovan

CEO and Beekeeper, The Guest House

Seth has an interwoven professional background of social justice, community organizing, and the hospitality industry. After college, Seth worked in the social work field for a decade on issues of youth homelessness, reproductive justice, labor justice, human trafficking, immigration, and domestic violence. Her work over those ten years in Colorado transitioned from direct services to social change work with a strong community organizing practice. Facilitation with communities about long-term social change practice has been a particular strength of hers through popular education.

With an interest in transitioning her social change work from the paid non-profit sphere to one of an integrated life practice that connected to the for-profit sphere, Seth returned to the restaurant industry in Colorado. Spending some years working in the viticulture and the hospitality industry in Napa, CA was deeply inspiring to Seth about the potential and power that the hospitality industry holds to engage individuals in experiences that drive them towards increased engagement in their communities, the land, and their own bodies.

Seth returned to Denver in 2015 in order to begin long-term work on the concept of The Guest House. She currently works in the hospitality industry at Frasca in Boulder, CO while The Guest House is built. Seth considers most of her qualifications for the land to be skills she has acquired outside of her paid career. Herbalism, beekeeping, straw bale & frame structure building, permaculture skills, chicken & goat husbandry, tiny-house obsession, whole-animal butchery, fermentation, and yoga are all part of Seth’s most inspiring practices that teach her how to love the land and her people in increasingly devoted ways.