Luke Miller


Luke Miller developed an interest in cooking in his teens through Alton Brown’s show “Good Eats” and baking unbelievable amounts of cookies with his family around the holidays. After culinary school, he interned at Chef Alex Seidel’s restaurant, Fruition. During his time there, Luke would bake bread at home after his shifts at 2 or 3am before taking a nap to get up and mix more dough before heading back in to work. Bread baking was magnetic to him. So, Luke left to refine his craft at the Denver Bread Company, one of Bon Appetit’s 10 Best Bakeries in America. There he worked his way from dough mixer to head baker and learned the foundations of baking. After his time as a production baker, Luke felt pulled back into restaurant kitchens, where he knew his future lies, as a chef. Luke joined the Arcana team as Pastry Assistant. He honed his skills in pastry in this new position but soon began emerging as the lead on a new, ambitious bread program. After Arcana’s opening pastry chef moved on from the restaurant, Luke was named Pastry Chef and Bread Baker for the restaurant. Over the past two years Luke has engaged, fully, with bread and pastry, but he knew he wanted more. In 2019, Luke moved into a Sous Chef role at Arcana, taking his intense focus and substantial skill set into the savory world.

Luke’s palpable personal drive, and intuitive feel for flavors, textures, and balance make him one of the most influential culinary team members at Arcana.