Volunteer at Slow Food Nations

Volunteers will be a crucial part of the success of Slow Food Nations.
From welcoming attendees & working as ambassadors at various workshops and talks to helping with the festival’s sustainability initiatives, volunteers will be part of what makes Slow Food Nations great!

Steps to become a volunteer:

  1. Click the “Check out Volunteer Opportunities” button that will direct you to our sign up page
  2. Read the descriptions of the opportunities that peak your interest
  3. Select the day and time of the event where you would like to volunteer
  4. Add it to your calendar!

After signing up for your shift you will receive communications from the Slow Food Nations Volunteer Coordinator.

**Please continue to check the sign up page, more events are being added every day**

Frequently Asked Questions

What does volunteering at Slow Food Nations mean?
Being a volunteer at Slow Food Nations means you can help be a part of what makes all of our events run smoothly, contribute to our sustainability initiatives and get a sense of the inner workings of creating a festival.

What is the time commitment?
This varies based on the shift you choose. The time commitment will be outlined in the sign up form.

I signed up for a volunteer shift but can no longer make it. What do I do?
Please inform the Volunteer Coordinator ([email protected]) as soon as you can. We ask that volunteers give at least a weeks notice prior to the event.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?
As a volunteer you will receive a Slow Food USA t-shirt made specifically for volunteers as well as a gift card to Pizzeria Locale. In some positions you will be able to attend the event that you are supporting. For example, ambassadors/volunteers at workshops and talks will be in the room during the event to listen in and in some cases participate.

Can I sign up for more than one shift?
Of course! Volunteers are welcome to sign up for as many shifts as they like.

How do I sign up?
Use this form to sign up for volunteer shifts. In this form you can read descriptions of the events you will be volunteering at, and can choose the days and times that work best for your schedule.

For more information on volunteering please contact Lara at [email protected].