Pitch In. Be a Volunteer.

Volunteers are a crucial part of the success of Slow Food Nations. From welcoming attendees to working as ambassadors at workshops and guiding our sustainability initiatives, volunteers are key to making sure the gears run smoothly at the festival. You’ll get some sweet Slow Food Nations team swag, a special invite to the festival after party and our undying love and gratitude. Volunteering at Slow Food Nations is a great way to network and make friends, with tasty snacks and a worthwhile mission. 

You can choose to be a part of our Sustainability Team or our Event Team, whichever speaks to you! You’ll be in great company and highly appreciated on either team. Scroll down to learn more and click those buttons to sign up!

Slow Food Nations is a Certifiably Green Event and we are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of the festival and supporting the initiatives of our host city of Denver, our merchants, sponsors, vendors, and attendees. We work with local partners to reduce waste by using compostable and recyclable supplies, capturing waste in a three-bin waste systems, implementing onsite water stations (and saying ‘no’ to bottled water) and rescuing food waste during the festival.
Our volunteers are vital to a successful, sustainable event. Your support quite literally keeps the festival green and clean! Selects shifts that work for your needs and schedule at the button below.

Sign up for any of the events throughout the festival weekend! From workshops to book signings to food movement speakers, we have opportunities for everyone! Selects shifts that work for your needs and schedule via the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on volunteering please contact Carly at [email protected].

What does volunteering at Slow Food Nations mean?
Being a volunteer at Slow Food Nations means you can help be a part of what makes all of our events run smoothly, contribute to our sustainability initiatives and get a sense of the inner workings of creating a festival.

What is the difference between the “Sustainability Team” and “Event Team?”
Both opportunities are during the festival, on the festival grounds. The difference is the type of volunteer position you are signing up for. The Sustainability Team keeps our festival a green and clean event, helping with compost, recycling, and food waste initiatives. The Event Team will work at various locations/events occurring throughout the festival.

When I click Sustainability Team or Event Team buttons to sign up, I see the option “I have filled out the 2019 general volunteer form” or “I have not filled out the 2019 general volunteer form”. What does this mean? Which one should I pick?
Before the specific shifts were available online, we had a 2019 general volunteer form that one could fill out. This only asked for contact information, and did not sign you up to officially volunteer. This 2019 general form gave us your contact information so we could contact you when the specific shifts were available. So, if you have filled out this 2019 general form previously, you may select “I have filled out the 2019 general volunteer form” and proceed with selecting volunteer shifts. If you have not, select “I have not filled out the 2019 general volunteer form,” so we can gather your contact information, and then you may proceed with selecting volunteer shifts.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?
As a volunteer, you will receive Slow Food Nations swag made specifically for volunteers. In some positions, you will be able to attend the event that you are supporting. For example, ambassadors/volunteers at workshops and talks will be in the room during the event to listen in and in some cases participate.

What is the time commitment?
This varies based on the shift you choose. The time commitment will be outlined in the shifts, under the “Sustainability Team” and “Event Team” opportunities. Generally, one shift will be from 2.5 to 5 hours.

How do I sign up?
Our shift sign-up form is now available above. Click on “Sustainability Team” or “Event Team” to check out shifts that are currently available. In these forms you can read descriptions of the events you will be volunteering at, and can choose the days and times that work best for your schedule.

Can I sign up for more than one shift?
Of course! Volunteers are welcome to sign up for as many shifts as they like.

I signed up for a volunteer shift but can no longer make it. What do I do?
Please e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you can. We ask that volunteers who are unable to cover their shifts give at least two weeks notice prior to the event.