Flavors of the African Diaspora

Join culinary historian Adrian Miller and chef Kevin Mitchell for a journey to Africa as they create a dish using ingredients of the African Diaspora. Listen to stories of how the ingredients traveled to the new world, and what these ingredients mean to African...

Meet Your Maker: Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch

Join Wendy Lu McGill, founder of Colorado’s only edible insect farm and food company, and David George Gordon, author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook. Join us as we taste through insects that are a more sustainable food option compared to traditional protein sources. Eating...

A Taste of the Gulf of Mexico

Sustainable seafood is not just about protecting our ocean. It’s also about the livelihoods of fishery-dependent communities. This is a story of bringing together activists, chefs, educators and fishers.

Meet Your Maker: Marieke Gouda (Saturday)

Marieke Gouda cheese tasting is a unique event where you are allowed to fully experience the cheese with all of your senses. Be sure to examine the cheese for its color and composition, feel the cheese’s texture and how firm or soft it is, allow the aroma to enhance...

Fonio, The Ancient Miracle Grain

Once a forgotten ancient grain, fonio is being reintroduced to our palettes with the help of Chef Pierre Thiam. Join us as we celebrate the oldest cultivated cereal in Africa!