Sample Schedules

With over 100 events, it can be hard to navigate a weekend at Slow Food Nations. We get it. Here are some curated sample schedules to help you find the best events for your interests.

A Meaty Weekend

Whether you are a carnivore or herbivore, expand your knowledge on animal welfare, ancient cooking methods, and more!

Dig into Gardens and Farms

Don’t miss the chance to explore the developments in agricultural education, from school gardens to lunch tables.

The Power of Farming

A sample schedule on all things agriculture — land tenure, regenerative practices, Slow Money and more!

Top Picks for Foodies

Are you a foodie? Sample a world of flavor at Slow Food Nations; all you need to bring is your appetite!

Calling All Chefs

At Slow Food Nations, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with fellow chefs and expand your culinary senses.

Best Parties of Slow Food Nations

These block parties are the heart of Slow Food Nations. You’ll eat amazing food, yes, but you’ll also get to meet the chefs and the producers behind your food.

Slow Beer, Exceptional Taste

How did a Denver brewer acquire 55 pounds of syrup from an ancient Mexican plant? Who knew the simple question “How much do you need?” could lead to a suitcase of surprise in Jason Buehler’s hotel room.

Better Meat, Less Meat

Hosea Rosenberg’s mantra is “Eat less meat, but eat good meat.” He started Blackbelly about five years ago as a small catering company, and soon had a hand in everything — not just serving meat, but also breeding, feeding, and butchering.

Five Events Where Joy Meets Justice

Meet the movers of the movement, the shakers of the status quo, the visionaries who will change what we see when we draw up our chairs to the table.