Slow Food Nations Delegates

Hello delegates! We have a dynamic and diverse group of 500 delegates joining us in Denver this summer. We’re still finalizing the program, but here are some details to get you started:

Hotel Discounts

The yellow icons below are hotels offering discounts for delegates. Feel free to use the delegate Facebook group to find a roommate if you’d like to split costs. You can also check out the hostels (green icons) or Airbnb for cheaper options. View full map here.

Festival Discounts

Your registration fee includes entrance to the entire delegate summit, starting with the welcome reception on Thursday, to all the summit events on Friday.

For the weekend festival, you can browse free and ticketed events here for workshops, block parties, and more. We’ll be announcing more events in the upcoming weeks as we confirm participants and venues.

As a delegate, you’ll get one free ticket to a block party and one free workshop. We’ll send a selection form once the majority of events have been published.

May 9, 2017 Delegate Call

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a discount on events and workshops?

Yes. Use the promo code that was emailed to you for a 15% discount. You will also receive two free tickets to select events. There will be free talks and workshops available throughout the weekend and open entry access to the Taste Marketplace.

Do existing Slow Food Members receive a discount?

All Slow Food members receive a $50 discount on the price of delegate summit registration. Slow Food members also receive a 15% discount on all ticketed events using the promo code that was emailed to members.

Do I receive a Slow Food USA membership with my delegate ticket?

Yes! If you are not already a member, by purchasing the $250 delegate ticket, you will receive a one year membership to Slow Food USA (valued at $60).

Can delegates participate in other ways at Slow Food Nations?

Absolutely! All delegates are invited to participate in multiple ways. For example, you could assist exhibitors from your region in the Taste Marketplace, be a host at the information kiosk, be a docent at the Ark of Taste exhibit, or volunteer to support workshops and talks. We will be sending out specific opportunities to get involved as the event approaches.

Note: Exhibitors who applied and submitted deposits before March 31st will receive a free delegate ticket as part of their exhibitor package (one per booth).

Can I volunteer to offset the price of being a delegate?

Unfortunately no. All delegates will have to pay the delegate fee in order to participate in the Delegate Summit.

Can I be a delegate and a volunteer?

Delegates are invited to volunteer at the festival. This will not interfere with the Delegate Summit on Friday.

Can I bring a guest with me to attend the Delegate Summit?

Due to venue capacities, only paid and registered delegates will be allowed to participate in the welcome reception, the Big Eat, and the Delegate Summit on Friday.

Can I get a refund if I pay but cannot attend?

No refunds will be made and your registration fee will be considered a donation to Slow Food USA. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on an individual basis.

I have dietary restrictions; will there be food for me at the delegate events?

The Delegate Summit breakfast and lunch will include vegetarian and gluten-free options. If you have other strict dietary needs, please reach out to us directly.

What is a food swap?

A food swap is an opportunity for delegates to share their local culture by exchanging food items from their home. These products, whether fresh or preserved, could be famous to your region for their history or flavor. They might be part of the Ark of Taste or even a Slow Food Presidium. We encourage you to get creative! The swap is tentatively scheduled for the end of Delegate Summit on Friday, July 14th.

What should I do to prepare for my trip?

The most important items that you’ll need:

  • Valid identification
  • Confirmed flight or train ticket
  • Confirmed lodging
  • One non-perishable item to bring to the delegate food swap
  • For international delegates, ensure any additional travel requirements are in place

Are there scholarships available?

Funds for scholarships come directly from donations of fellow delegates and exhibitors. These will assist limited resource individuals to attend as delegates who represent youth, First Nations, advocates of color, and the Ark of Taste. At this time, all of our scholarships funds have been allocated. We hope you will still be able to join us in Denver.

How will I be able to find my fellow delegates throughout the weekend?

We’ll provide a Delegate Directory to give you a preview of who will be joining you as a delegate at the event. The directory includes names, contact information, and short bios to help you connect with likeminded folks from across the U.S. and around the world. We encourage you to review the directory ahead of time and make any notes for people you’d like to make a point to meet while in Denver. You can also connect with delegates on the Delegate Facebook Group.

Still have questions? Please email [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP.