Steve Duty

Steve lives and breathes food and has since he was a young man. He’s spent his entire working life in the industry. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has an MBA in hospitality administration and management from Johnson and Wales University.

In his wide-ranging career, he’s run professional kitchens in some of American’s finest and busiest restaurants. He’s an award-winning wine maker, taking home medals for Virginia wines that competed head-to-head with those from California. He owned and operated a sheep farm/dairy/creamery and self-financed two years of travel, networking and interning with some of America’s best-known cheesemakers and milk producers.

After moving to Denver, Steve moved to the retail side of the business, running the specialty food department of two Whole Foods. In 2015, he launched Cheese+Provisions, a cut-to-order cheese shop to create a fun, safe learning environment for would-be foodies who want to learn more about the artisans behind their food.