Sheila Bowman

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Sheila works with chefs, media, and industry to help make environmentally sustainable seafood the norm when sourcing “better food.” Trained as a marine scientist and passionate about conservation, her work takes her around the country and into kitchens where sustainability really begins. In 2014, the National Audubon Society recognized Sheila as one of their “Woman Greening Food.”

Now in its eighteenth year, Seafood Watch is the leading source of science-based recommendations for the seafood found in the U.S. market. Seafood Watch inspires and supports the purchase of ocean-friendly seafood and has tools for seafood buyers, from producers to consumers. They’ve distributed over 60 million of their popular pocket guides and nearly two million copies of their app have been downloaded, making it easy to choose ocean-friendly seafood.