Ron Askew

Forest Ridge School

Chef Ron has spent 38 years as a Chef and Corporate Food Services Senior Manager. The past 15 years have been joyfully spent as Executive Chef at Forest Ridge School in Bellevue WA. At Forest Ridge, (260, grades 5-12, all girls private school), Chef Ron has developed and managed the growth of student and community based school gardens and apiaries across campus. Organic foods are planned, planted and harvested by students and community members. Once organic foods and honey are harvested and foraged from campus they enter the school kitchen and are processed, prepared and served to Forest Ridge community for daily lunch service. In addition to edible campus practices and education, Chef Ron and his talented staff of Sous Chefs prepare nearly all foods on site including breads, baked goods and desserts using consciously sourced and sustainably grown foods and grains prepared from scratch. The Forest Ridge Food Program program under Chef Ron’s direction has recently begun co-teaching curriculum based cooking, science and wellness classes in high-school and culturally based cooking courses at middle-school level.