Rayme Rossello

Owner, Comida

Raised mostly in New York City by eclectic food loving parents, Rayme’s love of street food started early. Stopping at hot dog and pretzel carts on the way home from school were some of her first culinary obsessions. Couple that with a deep affection for good tacos and endearing hospitality, one can see how Comida was born.

Rayme began working in restaurants at 16. She has been a part of the Boulder restaurant community since 1990, both in the employment of others and for herself. In 1999 she partnered with Pam Proto and formed Proto’s Pizza. After 8 years and 5 successful store openings she took some time and experimented with what was next. After graduating from Pastry School she learned quickly that a career in Pastry Arts was not her path.

Comida comes out of her passion for killer Mexican food and her love for travel. Both are things she and her team create on a daily basis at her 2 Comida Cantina brick and mortar locations and the taco truck that roams the front range by the same name.