Liliana Meyers


Liliana Myers has been in the food industry since her days working at Lindell Delicatessen in her hometown of Long Beach, New York. After graduating from high school, Myers moved to Pittsburg to study Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. After one year, she headed to New York City to pursue her true passion – pastry.

Myer’s informal education started at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery, where she worked as a pastry cook. It was there and at Bar Boulud that Liliana learned to perfect the production of macarons, and developed a love for French pastry. She decided to move to France where she landed a position at La Feniere as a pastry and savory cook. Here, she produced desserts for both the Two Star Michelin gastronomique restaurant, as well as the bistro. After returning to New York, Myers worked as a pastry sous chef at various French restaurants, including the One Michelin Star restaurant Rouge Tomate, where she created sustainable and nutrition-forward desserts, aligning with the restaurant’s ethos.

In 2013, Myers relocated to Boulder, Colorado, where she worked as Executive Pastry Chef at The Mediterranean Restaurant, Brasserie 1010, and Via Perl, with some front of house experience as General Manager at The Bakery at the Mediterranean. Liliana is excited to join the team at Safta, where she’ll create desserts and pastries to reflect the modern Israeli menu, celebrating the region’s signature ingredients like orange blossom, pistachios and figs.