Kate Cox

Editor, The New Food Economy

Kate Cox is the Editor of The New Food Economy, an independent, non-profit newsroom investigating the forces shaping how and what we eat. The digital magazine was launched in 2015, after it had become clear that a wave of radical changes in how we grow, produce, package, transport, sell, and consume food was precipitating a revolution that urgently needed to be brought to light. Kate and her staff, some of the most subject-experienced journalists covering food and agriculture today, provide readers around the world open access to independent coverage—news, insight, analysis, and perspectives on the intersection of food with business, technology, science, health, and culture.

Prior to The New Food Economy, Kate spent several years reporting on the American aging experience for radio and text as a freelance health reporter. She has written extensively about end-of-life issues, elder incarceration, and the plight of living organ donors. She also reported and produced a three-part radio documentary on the nation’s first emergency shelter for victims of elder abuse. Kate has been a contributor to The Nation and Huffington Post and co-created and produced Off the Radar, a travel TV show and blog about two women on a mission to see the world on $1K.