Jim Pittenger

Biker Jim's Dogs

Colorado sausage czar Jim Pittenger, aka Biker Jim, is a former repo man who confiscated upwards of 12,000 cars before ditching the life of thievery for a career slinging gourmet sausages from a tricked-out stainless steel cart on Denver’s 16th Street Mall. For Biker Jim, redefining the humble hot dog became his mission. Lines snaked down the block as the sexy scent of grilled sausages and sizzling caramelized onions swirled through the Rocky Mountain air.

It was 2005 when Jim Pittenger, aka Biker Jim, launched his first sidewalk food cart on a bustling street corner in Downtown Denver. One cart became two, and two became three. In March of 2011, after generating local, regional, national and international acclaim for the dogs he dispensed from the carts, Jim opened his first brick-and-mortar in the heart of Denver’s trendy Ballpark neighborhood. The opening was concurrent with the launch of a Biker Jim’s food truck that traversed across the country. In August of 2014, Jim opened a second brick-and-mortar in Highlands Ranch.