Jaqueline Perez


Food has always been a big part of Jaqueline Perez’s life. Being a Chicana woman from Northern California, she has done her best to make good food with quality and heart. Jaqueline cooks what she feels and tries her best to make whomever is eating it just as happy as she was making it. She has a background in pastry but has not let that hinder her from being a chef. Jaqueline believes hard work and humility are some of the things to making a great chef. She feels that one needs to be able to make tough decisions and be adaptable, while still remaining in tune with the people who work alongside you. Her cooking style is dominantly Hispanic with a lighter feel, which works perfectly with the vibe of Comida as she takes the more loved and heavier dishes from her childhood and brightens them up so you don’t feel like you have to stop at one plate. Jaqueline hopes that as a guest, one can see who she am and where she’s coming from with each dish.