Jackson Clark-Infante

My name’s Jackson Clark-Infante, and my tribal affiliation is with the Hopi tribe in Arizona. Born and raised between my two parents houses in Fort Collins, Colorado allowed for me to absorb the world through a unique lens. Coming from split parents and being an only child, a sense of individuality and determination has been engrained in me from a young age. I have always had to, and been more than willing to experience things for myself, and with this passion for knowledge and self-discovery comes a work ethic that has served me invaluably. I have over 10 years’ experience in volunteer childcare work, and a diverse work history that has instilled the values of time management, hard work, personability, and adaptability. I am constantly expanding my arsenal of skills to serve me better in the dynamic nature of the world we all live in. As apart of Spirit of the Sun, my main focuses have been unifying our youth in the way of a Task Force, and also spearheading the Mentorship Program we plan to implement in the fall.