Gail Myers

Farms to Grow, Inc.

Dr. Gail Myers is an Agri-Cultural Anthropologist. Since 1997, she has researched, written about, lectured, and recently filmed stories of African American farmers, sharecroppers, and gardeners. In 2001, as a doctoral student at The Ohio State University, Gail Myers organized the first statewide conference in Ohio, “Sustaining Communities: Ohio’s Black Farmers at the Crossroads. In 2004, Dr. Myers co-founded Farms to Grow, Inc. in Oakland, CA to work with black farmers locally, nationally, and globally. Farms to Grow, Inc. initiated the Freedom Farmers Market in Oakland, CA in 2013. Dr. Myers educates communities about the rich historical traditions of Black farmers. Myers maintains a wide spectrum of grass roots organizing and coalition building through her work with Farms to Grow, Inc. Her upcoming documentary/multi-media project, “Rhythms of the Land”, is currently in post-production.

The Root Magazine (April 24, 2015) featured Dr. Myers as one of seven urban farmers to know. In 2018, she received the Advocate for Social Justice Award “Justie” from the Eco-Farm Association.