Fernando Cardona

Procurement Coordinator and Culinary Specialist, LiveWell Colorado

Fernando has been interested in food since he was a kid. Learning how to feed oneself growing up was essential because mom was busy at work. When the time came to decide what to major in, the decision was easy. He chose culinary arts and he hasn’t stopped being curious about food ever since.
After graduating college, Fernando worked in several restaurants where he learned how to run a kitchen. From planning how to open a new restaurant, to hiring all the staff and training them how to cook. The restaurant years were formative in that they gave him a taste of what it takes to run a business and make people happy.
Now working for LiveWell Colorado he gets a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. Fernando loves watching people try new recipes as well as learning to like new foods. ‘We live in a world where the food system we have has many inequalities but when people learn about it, they become empowered and inspired to change how we feed ourselves.’