Darlene Wolnik

Farmers Market Coalition

From 2001-2011, Darlene Wolnik served as the Deputy Director for New Orleans-based Market Umbrella, and also designed and ran the organization’s Marketshare project, one of the first technical assistance and resource sites for farmers markets in the US. Since 2011, she has consulted for almost a hundred market projects ranging from strategy and design to data collection and analysis. She authored the 2013 Vermont Market Currency Feasibility Report and the 2014 Local Food Awareness Report for Gulfport MS, both found on her website. Since 2015, Darlene has worked as Farmers Market Coalition’s Senior Researcher, where she has helped develop the Farmers Market Legal Toolkit and the Farmers Market Metrics program. Her background contains extensive community organizing work on consumer and environmental campaigns and development of retail and hotel projects. Darlene lives in New Orleans, LA where she has published on the recovery process following the 2005 levee breaks and on the street culture of the French Quarter.