Colles Stowell

Founder, One Fish Foundation

A seafood-loving New Orleans native, Colles brings passion and dedication to classrooms and restaurants as he discusses the myriad issues affecting seafood systems. He launched the non-profit One Fish Foundation in 2015 to talk to students of all ages about such critical issues as how seafood is harvested or farmed, climate change impacts on marine ecosystems, and fisheries management policies. The One Fish Foundation mission is to ensure students, their parents and local communities understand that where their seafood comes from, how and when it was harvested and even by whom matters.

Colles serves as Vice President of Cape Ann Fresh Catch, the largest community supported fishery in the country. He is also co-founder of Cape Ann Fresh Food, a prepared food and fresh seafood retail storefront in downtown Gloucester, Mass. Colles has been a professional writer for nearly 30 years. Ten years of journalism, including a variety of writing for The Boston Globe, United Press International and New Hampshire Public Radio preceded 10 years of technology writing for a high tech PR firm representing Fortune 500 Companies. A lifelong avid flyfisherman, he began to dig into commercial and recreational fisheries issues in 2011 after seeing once abundant species like Atlantic salmon and cod pushed to the point of collapse. Since then, he’s delved into issues ranging from the plight of Maine shrimp to international treaties regarding tuna harvest and the impact the Pebble Mine would have on the world’s largest wild salmon run, located in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Colles earned a bachelor of arts degree in English and French at Bowdoin College. He lives with his wife and daughter in coastal Maine