Bill Swan

Adventure Canada

Bill Swan’s third grade report card advised that he might benefit from focusing on one thing at a time. Ignoring such nonsense, Bill’s career has spanned the business, social enterprise and public sectors over the past thirty years with initiatives and businesses integrating food, energy, water, waste, and climate action.

Sustainability and resilience are at the core in the development and delivery of these projects; sustainability across environmental economic and social platforms, resilience at a community development level. As an agent of change with a creative disruptor streak, Bill sees business as a dominant force in addressing some of humanities’ most pressing challenges. Adventure Canada, an award-winning expeditionary travel company he co-founded in 1987, embodies this approach with an emphasis on experiential, authentic travel programs that immerses participants in experiences that inspire, transform and often move them from traveller to participant, ultimately empowering and inviting them to become advocates.

Adventure Canada has partnered with Slow Food USA and Canada to integrate good clean and fair values in its inaugural launch of ‘Slow Travel‘ with a voyage of discovery circumnavigating the island of Newfoundland in October 2018.¬†Adventures in Slow Travel with Bill and colleague Ingrid Jarrett of Slow Food Canada, will present Newfoundland expedition highlights and this partnership illustrating how it will simultaneously lead ‘good business’ by example and advance the Slow Food movement’s global mission and impact.