Arthur Ircink

Founder and Executive Producer, Wisconsin Foodie

Arthur Ircink, the man behind the scenes at Wisconsin Foodie. From shooting and editing to underwriting and social media, Arthur is responsible for what you see on TV and Online. With a bit a nativity, hard work, passion and an entrepreneurial spirit the concept for Wisconsin Foodie was inked on a bar napkin in late 2007. The hope was to capture the enthusiasm of national food shows and create a show that was all about the rich “local”food stories from Wisconsin. By promoting local tv and local food, Wisconsin Foodie connects its viewers with the amazing food stories from their own backyards, hoping to encourage not only eating more local and fresh foods but also supporting a local economy.

Arthur has been working on his craft as a Filmmaker and Entrepreneur for over 10 years and has a constant drive to better himself and his art. Other notable projects, he Produced and Edited the feature documentary “The Super Noble Brothers” which screened at many Film Festivals around the country. He is also currently working on two feature documentaries, one about the American Cheese movement and another about the Olympic dreams of Boxer Israel “Shorty” Acosta.