Andy Clark

Owner, Moxie Bread Co.

Andy Clark owns Moxie Bread Co. in Louisville, Colorado, a bakery specializing in long fermented rustic breads and classic French pastries, all made exclusively from heirloom wheat. His passion for feeding people nourishing and soul-satisfying food took on a new mission in recent years as the gluten-free wildfire began to burn out of control. His solution to returning bread as the staff of life focused on three basic points including long sourdough fermentation, organically grown grains, and heirloom wheat varieties. In May of 2017, he officially transitioned all of his baked goods from modern wheat to heirloom wheat. Many of his customers who have not been able to enjoy wheat and baked goods in recent years (non Celiacs) have reported that they are not experiencing the symptoms that they had previously when eating his heirloom wheat breads and pastries.