Embrace Joy + Justice

What does Equity, Inclusion and Justice mean to Slow Food?

In 2018, Slow Food USA launched a new initiative to spread joy and justice in food with the release of the “Equity, Inclusion and Justice Manifesto.” The goal of this document was to acknowledge the structural inequalities within our food system and the voices that are marginalized as a result. Today, this work has evolved into a national working group of Slow Food leaders dedicated to the development of an equitable, just and healthy local food system—one that truly works for all of us.

How can you help support food justice?

Each year, we rally members and raise funds to dismantle racism, classism, and gender and sexual orientation bias in the food system by prioritizing support for underrepresented producers and integrating topics of equity and justice into all of our programming.

The funds raised through this campaign will support specific events at Slow Food Nations, where EIJ will celebrate the work we do and tackle tough issues with the help of a diverse group of stakeholders, and where we rededicate ourselves to bringing this work forward into the new year with new tools, knowledge and energy. SFN is also the place where Slow Food USA and Slow Food Turtle Island interact most broadly. View the specific events that this campaign supports.

What’s more, part of your donation will go to the Mungere School and their Slow Food garden in Tanzania, where these bracelets were handmade by a local Maasai community.