Plant a seed. Defend the future.

Hey kids! Enter the kids’ gardens at Slow Food Nations and get your hands in the dirt. Learn how to grow, cook and enjoy Slow Food — real, delicious, flavorful food.

We want kids to know how to make good food choices. How do we do that? By giving them tangible skills and lots of confidence. The seeds we plant now will make a big impact on food and farming in the future. So come on over and have some fun!


Explore dozens of garden beds, curated by local and national partners from the USA, Mexico and Columbia. Design your own Flower Bracelet with Life Lab from Canta Clara, CA. Open your senses to the wonderful textures and smells of fresh herbs with Food Corps. Come learn all about the roots, leaves and fruits of our food.

Cooking Tent

A cooking tent will teach kids to prep and create delicious food from garden produce. Of course, we can’t cook without also eating! Get ready to introduce your taste buds to some biodelicious flavors.

Parents and educators will also learn about how to teach with gardens and get an introduction to our garden curriculum.