• This event has passed.

July 15, 2018, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Larimer Square

Zero Waste Family Meal

Big events like Slow Food Nations often generate a lot of food waste. What happens to leftover food from parties, scraps from workshops, and unused demos?

On Sunday night, we’re inviting you to join an inspired feast of recovered food from Slow Food Nations. As chefs band together for this pre-service style meal, you’ll get to taste the possibilities of cooking with food that may have otherwise been wasted. You’ll be inspired by how delicious leftovers can be!



  • Massimo Bottura
  • Paul Reilly
  • Steven Satterfield
  • Jamey Fader
  • Alex Seidel
  • Daniel Asher
  • Drew Deckman
  • Eric Lee
  • Fortuna Chocolate
  • TIAA
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Subaru
  • Big Green Egg
  • Seattle Fish
  • Staub
  • Zwilling
  • Eldorado Springs Water