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July 14, 2018, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

College of Architecture and Planning (UCD)

When Disaster Strikes

Droughts, floods, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters triggered by climate change have risen in frequency and severity over the last three decades, according to the FAO. Agriculture is a victim of these catastrophes, with vulnerable communities and developing countries at particular risk. How do we cultivate resilience in the face of disaster and rebuild our communities and food systems?

In this summit, we’ll hear first-person accounts of the aftermath of natural disasters in New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Napa and Japan. These stories may bring you to tears as our speakers grapple with vulnerable communities, food waste on a large scale, and devastation. But we’ll also talk about the hope and even the benefits of disaster, and how local communities are creating agricultural systems that can handle calamity.

Following the discussion, enjoy a sake aperitivo hosted by Slow Food Nippon and Kobe’s famed Fukuju Sake Brewery.

This summit is not only a talk from leading voices. It’s also an engaging and interactive conversation with practical take-aways and delicious tastings. It’s Food for Change.

The entrance to this summit is on the corner of 14th St and Larimer St, next to Edible Beats Street and across from the Taste Marketplace (#11 on the festival map). Go to the 2nd floor of the College of Architecture and Planning (UCD). When you arrive, enjoy the interactive stations and meet the producers. The panel discussion will begin after about 45 minutes.



  • Ms. Linda Green
  • Belia Ramos
  • Poppy Tooker
  • Ben Burkett
  • Takenosuke Yasufuku
  • Natsuko Tabata
  • Tara Rodriguez Besosa
  • Kate Cox
  • Sofia Unanue
  • Danone North America
  • Camellia Brand
  • Fertel Foundation
  • The Japan Foundation
  • Fukuju Sake Brewery
  • Slow Food Nippon
  • Eldorado Springs Water