July 15, 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Denver Union Station

Vanishing Foodways: The Louisiana-Vietnam Story

Louisiana and Vietnam are two regions on opposite sides of the world that share much in common. Both regions were formed over the past 6,000 years by mighty rivers: the Mississippi in Louisiana and the Mekong in Vietnam. These two muddy river deltas create biodiverse ecosystems that are home to two of the world’s largest fisheries and migratory flyways. These regions of incredible abundance make a considerable contribution to the world’s food supply and also give rise to world renown cuisines and cultures.

However, due to climate change and the industrial production of food and energy, these fragile coastal wetlands are also the two most rapidly disappearing regions in the world. This is focused in the upper inland regions where food cultures are also at risk of vanishing.

The Vanishing Foodways panel will feature food producers throughout the Mississippi River Basin and highlight the parallels between the Mississippi and Mekong River Basins.

Thanks to Amy’s Kitchen for supporting our series of free talks to inspire public engagement about good, clean and fair food for all. This talk is part of the Slow Food Nations food justice programming, and we would like to thank the many individual donors for their support.



  • Gary Granata
  • Khai Nguyễn
  • Lance Nacio
  • Dan Cornelius
  • Kevin Scribner
  • Amy's Kitchen