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July 20, 2019, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

This is Cider

People have been drinking Cider for a long time, no doubt because the apple is one of the oldest fruits known. We are excited to host four cider houses and a fourth generation apple grower from Colorado to discuss today’s cider resurgence.

From cider’s rich history to its newest incarnations, join a conversation moderated by Kathleen Finlay, then enjoy a tasting with the cider makers and apple grower. Dive into one of North America’s oldest fermented drinks, learn to drink what you like, and know what you are drinking!

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  • Steve Ela
  • Kathleen Finlay
  • Daniel Haykin
  • Brad Page
  • Ian Capps
  • Eleanor Léger
  • Stem Ciders
  • Euclid Hall
  • Colorado Cider Company
  • Eden Ciders
  • Ela Family Farms
  • Glynwood Farms
  • Haykin Family Cider