July 15, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

MSU Hospitality Learning Center

Chasing Tradition: Food Stories from Mexico

Get delicious access to the premiere of the Recipe Hunters’ three short documentaries about indigenous foods in Mexico: Chile Serrano de Tlaola, Frijoles nativos de Tepetlixpa, and Maguey Honey del Altiplano Mexico. The Recipe Hunters themselves will give you behind-the-scenes details on their international experiences hunting down recipes around the world. They will be joined by the Mexican producers who grow these delicious foods, part of Slow Food’s Presidia project, who will also prepare their products for you to try. Get a taste of recipe hunting by joining in on the workshop and trying some delicious traditional treats!



  • Anthony Morano
  • Leila Elamine
  • Isela Aurea Islas de Sanchez
  • Eduardo Correa
  • Dali Nolasco Cruz
  • Martin Pichardo Rico