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July 15, 2018, 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Larimer Square

Becoming Conscious Carnivores

Can you really be a conscious carnivore? Access to humanely raised foods is expanding through the growth of farmers’ markets and online sales. But can you truly live a life of ethical animal eating? Aside from the practical and social aspects of committing to mindful carnivorism, is the notion itself conflicted or justifiable?

Think about it: Consuming zero industrially-produced meats means no Thai takeout or being a hospitable dinner guest at a friend’s house. It involves cooking our own pasture-raised pork for a biscuits and gravy breakfast and grassfed steaks for grilling to eat at home, or locating a restaurant that claims to source responsibly. Might it be true that the only way to be a conscious carnivore is to be a vegetarian nearly all of the time?

Kate Cox, editor of The New Food Economy, joins cookbook author and food journalist Lynne Curry in a conversation that explores the ethical, philosophical, and environmental conundrums of being a 21st century omnivore.


  • Kate Cox
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