Better Meat, Less Meat

Hosea Rosenberg’s mantra is “Eat less meat, but eat good meat.” He started Blackbelly about five years ago as a small catering company, and soon had a hand in everything — not just serving meat, but also breeding, feeding, and butchering.

“It’s really important to know how animals are treated, how they are raised,” Hosea says. “The process of our food and our cooking starts way before, from when the animals are born, to when they’re killed. When you buy meat at the grocery store, you have no idea where it comes from. From local ranchers, you can get the story of how these animals were raised.”

For Hosea, the concept of Slow Meat means treating both animals and ranchers with respect. He only buys whole animals and fully uses every inch, from skin to bones and everything in between.

“It’s a great challenge for our culinary team,” he says. “We work with off-cuts and make beautiful, delicious things out of those. We’re making some of the best beef in the country.”

At Slow Food Nations, Hosea and his head butcher Nate Singer are going to demonstrate their Slow Meat techniques in a hands-on workshop. They’ll butcher a whole pig and talk about how to use every part of the animal. They’ll also talk about preserving and curing meat. With patience, a few simple ingredients, and time, they’ll show you how to turn a back leg into a beautiful, well-aged prosciutto that tastes nothing like fresh pork chop.

From Snout to Tail: Best Slow Meat Events at Slow Food Nations

Heritage Breed Pig Butchering Demo

Chef Hosea Rosenberg and Head Butcher Nate Singer of Blackbelly in Boulder, CO share the differences between old-world European butchering and preservation, and current methods defined by the USDA. This workshop will teach you about butchery techniques and cuts for ham, bacon, sausages, salami and everything in between. Finish up by sampling a selection of house-made Blackbelly provisions. Buy tickets ($52).

A Vegan and a Rancher Walk Into a Room…

A conversation with Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, and Will Harris of White Oak Pastures. Hosted by Deborah Madison. Buy tickets ($35).

History of BBQ: The Tradition of South Carolina Whole Hog Barbecue

Get a glimpse into the rural South of the past with sought-after pitmaster Howard Conyers. This is not your typical restaurant barbecue, and the sauce is a tightly held family secret. Dr. Conyers grew up in South Carolina on the same soil labored on by his ancestors, slaves, and sharecroppers. Cooking his first whole hog at age eleven, he collected stories of a tradition learned from his father, using techniques perfected over centuries by sharecroppers. You will savor a proud tradition and come away with stories that will help ensure that the South Carolina whole hog barbecue will survive and thrive into the future. Assisting Howard will be chef-farmer Matthew Raiford of Gilliard Farms in Georgia. Buy tickets ($40).

Burgers, Brews and Bluegrass Block Party

Nothing says summer more than a rockin’ block party with burgers and beer. But of course, this is Slow Food, so you know it’s going to be extra delicious and thoughtful.

Our rockstar chefs will serve up three types of burgers: grass-fed beef burgers, blended burgers mixed with flavorful mushrooms, and veggie burgers with the best produce around. Can your taste buds figure out which is which? Learn why we are evangelists for “better meat, less meat.” Then wash it down with Colorado-brewed beers from The Post Brewing Company as you kick up your heels to some bluegrass tunes. Buy tickets ($69).

Critter Cooking: The Art and Science of Insect Cuisine

Come learn how—and why—to add edible insects to your diet! Join Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch’s founder, Wendy Lu McGill, in a lively discussion and cooking demo to learn about this delicious, nutritious and sustainable whole food. Edible insects are likely the first animals eaten by humans, are regularly eaten by two billion people around the world, and are considered a “future food” in the West. Come find out what the buzz is!

You’ll make and enjoy three dishes: Congolese-style crickets with jasmine rice, mixed green salad with roasted molitos, and chocolate chirp cookies. Buy tickets ($39).

Traditions and Flavors of Navajo-Churro Sheep

Join Slow Food Turtle Island members Roy Kady, Chef Franco Lee and Aretta Begay for a harvest demonstration of the blessing of Navajo-Churro sheep in Diné/Navajo traditions, and learn about how they butcher the sheep.

After the demonstration, enjoy a traditional dining experience from a Diné/Navajo perspective, using a pre-colonial contact eating and dining style. You’ll taste Navajo-Churro sheep meat served with indigenous wild edible foraged plants, farm-grown corn and vegetables. Buy tickets ($63).

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