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Thank you for your interest in Slow Food Nations. Press passes are reserved for approved media staff who cover food, environment, sustainability and/or agriculture on a regular basis. The press pass application has now closed.

For media inquiries: Emily Smith of Fresh Ideas Group or Anna Mulé of Slow Food USA.




Expected Attendees


  • Dates: July 14-16, 2017
  • Location: Downtown Denver, Colorado
  • Venues: Larimer Square, Union Station, and more
  • Cost: Free for general admission and select talks; ticketed for workshops and other events
  • Formats: Free experiences, workshops, talks, parties and meals, and a delegate summit
  • Participants: Alice Waters, Ron Finley, Simran Sethi, Jack Johnson, Hosea Rosenberg, Alon Shaya, and more. See full lineup.

Download the full media kit for complete details.


    • A Biodelicious Future: Preserve our global biodiversity.
    • All About KidsHands on with food and gardens.
    • Dig Into Farms: Learn about agriculture and growing food. 
    • Flavors of the World: Taste and explore the global Slow Food movement.
    • The Joys of Slow Food: Eat, drink and party in support of Slow Food.
    • Justice is Served: Bringing policy and fairness for all into focus.
    • Love the Earth: Consider the environment in your food choices. 
    • Snout to Tail: Explore the pasture of better meat, less.
    • Something Fishy: Dive into the world of sustainable seafood.
    • Unlikely Allies: Build bridges to unite eaters across borders and disciplines.

Festival Updates and Press Releases

A Festival Snapshot

As the dust settles from an exhilarating festival weekend, we are beginning to piece together the feedback from partners, participants, exhibitors, and attendees. The developing image shows one of the most important food meeting in America in nearly a decade.
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An Inspiring Conversation with Alice Waters

We had an inspiring chat with the renowned chef, food activist and author Alice Waters. Get a sneak peak of Waters' vision to win people over with taste at Slow Food Nations.
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Best Parties of Slow Food Nations

These block parties are the heart of Slow Food Nations. You'll eat amazing food, yes, but you'll also get to meet the chefs and the producers behind your food.
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Extend Your Stay in Denver

There’s always a lot going on in The Mile High City. Extend your stay and check out museum exhibitions, cultural events and exciting day trips. Here’s a sampling to get you going. Blockbuster Museum Exhibitions 1. Calder: Monumental Alexander Calder was one of the...
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Slow Beer, Exceptional Taste

How did a Denver brewer acquire 55 pounds of syrup from an ancient Mexican plant? Who knew the simple question “How much do you need?” could lead to a suitcase of surprise in Jason Buehler’s hotel room.
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Better Meat, Less Meat

Hosea Rosenberg's mantra is "Eat less meat, but eat good meat." He started Blackbelly about five years ago as a small catering company, and soon had a hand in everything — not just serving meat, but also breeding, feeding, and butchering.
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A World of Climate Friendly Festivals

Big festivals have a reputation for leaving behind tremendous waste. Not so with Slow Food Nations. Our drive to Love the Earth, Defend the Future means employing sustainable practices throughout our event.
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Leaders in Food and Sustainability To Cook up Change

Carlo Petrini, Jack Johnson and Kim Severson among headliners for Slow Food Nations, a festival of good, clean and fair food for all
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Five Events Where Joy Meets Justice

Meet the movers of the movement, the shakers of the status quo, the visionaries who will change what we see when we draw up our chairs to the table.
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Top 5 Reasons to Come to Slow Food Nations

Have you booked your tickets for Denver yet? Here are our Top Five Reasons to Come to Slow Food Nations this July.
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Press Pass Policy

Press passes are reserved for well-qualified editorial staff from approved media outlets. To qualify for a complimentary press page for Slow Food Nations 2017, you must cover food, environment, sustainability and/or agriculture on a regular basis by publishing articles or writing regular reports or blog posts. Private consultants who are paid by an individual company are not eligible for a press pass.

To apply, you’ll need to upload a business card with your name, media outlet and title; plus the following:

  • Traditional Print Media: A sample of two articles, published within the past six months that clearly displays authorship, and is within the realm of the food, agriculture, sustainability or environment. OR, a copy of publication masthead including your name. Links or PDFs are acceptable to submit for verification.
  • TV/Radio: A link to your show or segments and a screen shot of your station’s issued press credentials.
  • Freelance: A letter of assignment, on outlet’s letterhead.
  • Social Media Influencers/Bloggers: A link to your blog or social feed from the past six months that is within the food, agriculture, sustainability, environment or healthy living space. You must have 5,000 followers on Twitter OR 2,000 likes on Facebook OR 1,000 followers on Pinterest/Instagram/Blog.
  • Correspondent: If you have less “likes, followers, or friends” than stated above, but want to cover the show as Media, you may qualify as a “Correspondent.”

Accepted Titles for Press Badges: Editor, Photographer, Reporter, Writer, Anchor, Broadcast Producer, Camera Operator (will be registered as “Press Crew”), Host, Reporter, Sound Engineer (will be registered as “Press Crew”), Program Director, Blogger, Assistant Production titles.

Accepted Titles for Correspondent Badges: Publisher, Account Executive, Administrative Assistant, Associate Publisher, Blogger, CEO, Marketing titles, Public Relations titles, President, Sales titles, Vice President.

Children 15 years and younger are required to have a Children’s Badge and must be under adult supervision at all times.

Slow Food International and Slow Food USA reserve the right to refuse media badges, without cause, during pre-registration as well as onsite media registration. Due to high demand, media badges are limited in number.

Photo & Video Policy

Qualified press who wishes to photograph or film at the show is required to check in at the Press Room on-site to sign a waiver and receive authorization. Photographers and videographers are required to obtain permission before filming any exhibitor’s booth and must refrain from filming those who do not grant permission.

Photographers and videographers are required to ask permission before filming and must refrain from filming those who do not grant permission.

Qualified press who have obtained press passes and are photographing and/or filming at the event may not, under any circumstances, solicit payment from exhibitors for service. Those who are found to be soliciting payment will have their press passes immediately revoked, and may be banned from future events.

Private consultants who are paid by an individual company are not eligible for a press badge. Exhibitors and private consultants are permitted to photograph and videotape their own company presence only.

Attendee indemnifies and holds harmless Slow Food International and Slow Food USA., their respective parent, subsidiaries and affiliates, with respect to any claims from any third party claims whatsoever arising from Attendee’s media activities under this waiver.

No other photography or videography is permitted. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any photographer/videographer.