Our Mile High Host City

Denver, Colorado

We are excited to welcome the world to Denver for Slow Food Nations 2018. As one of America’s great food cities, Denver stands out for its collaborative spirit. Chefs, restaurateurs, producers and eaters have all flocked to the greater Denver area, making it a hub for a new and innovative food movement. Denver chefs regularly collaborate with local producers, nonprofits, visiting chefs and other restaurants to produce creative and exciting events. In 2016, Denver was ranked #3 in hottest food cities in the U.S. and as the #1 best place to live in America. Come taste and explore this vibrant city! 

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“While New Orleans has Creole, Portland has food trucks and Chicago has modernist cuisine, it has long been pondered what the hallmark of Denver’s food scene is. In my opinion, Denver’s claim to fame should be community: its sense of community among chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs working together to elevate the city’s cuisine. This camaraderie is not found in any other city in the U.S. and makes it the perfect choice to host Slow Food Nations 2017. Slow Food has always been about building community through food. What better city to showcase that than Denver?”

Paul Reilly

Denver Chef and Co-Owner, Coperta + Beast & Bottle

“We selected Denver because it is a great example of an inland town that uses food to accelerate reinvention, create collaborations between urban and rural, and get different folks sitting around the same table. The growth of craft beer, urban gardens, public markets, and the most collaborative restaurant scene in America makes Denver the ideal host. The open sky will incite open discussion and possibilities for the future of food. Join us!

Richard McCarthy

Director, Slow Food USA

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