Festival Sustainability

Slow Food Nations is committed to showing that large events don’t have to create a large waste footprint. That’s why we’re providing zero-waste stations throughout the venue, both behind the scenes for our event exhibitors and production crew, as well as for our thousands of event guests.

Each station will include a compost bin, recycle bin and trash bin, and will be monitored by a zero-waste support crew at all times to ensure that everything possible gets composted or recycled, and as little as possible ends up in the trash. We’ll carefully monitor these three waste streams throughout the festival until they are each hauled away to their respective destinations, we’ll thoroughly sort them to remove any contaminants, and we’ll record the total weight of each stream and measure the environmental impact.

How else will we strive for zero-waste at Slow Food Nations this year?

  • We’re requiring that all exhibitors only source disposable items that are certified compostable, and we’re encouraging them to source only what they need
  • We’re providing steel drinking cups with the purchase of every first drink, and providing discounts for folks who reuse their cups again and again
  • We’re encouraging folks to bring their own reusable utensils, plates and drink ware
  • We’re providing water stations, and banning all single-use plastic bottles
  • We’re banning straws for this event (and encouraging folks to bring their own reusable straws if they absolutely need them!)
  • We’re “rescuing” all edible food scraps from our exhibitors’ food prep areas, and repurposing them for our event’s “Family Meal”

How can you promote sustainability at Slow Food Nations?

In the pursuit of a zero-waste festival, we partnered with World Centric, a sustainably-run business specializing in 100% compostable products. They not only strive to reduce carbon footprint at every step of their business, but also offset their emissions by planting trees and partnering with community organizations worldwide. World Centric is a model of sustainability for companies and individuals and we are proud to be in partnership with them at Slow Food Nations!

With these and other efforts, Slow Food Nations will serve as a model of sustainability for other Denver events to follow!