A World of Climate Friendly Festivals

Big festivals have a reputation for leaving behind tremendous waste. Not so with Slow Food Nations. Our drive to Love the Earth, Defend the Future means employing sustainable practices throughout our event. Collaborating with Jack Johnson’s All At Once initiative, Slow Food and Jack Johnson are working towards a world of zero waste festivals. Plastic and styrofoam are not on our participant list!

Eating and Drinking Sustainably

“It defeats our purpose if we create a festival and not stick with our mission!” says Leah Manning, operations and sustainability manager. We want good, clean, and fair food for all, and that includes the vessels that we use for food.

Similar to Jack Johnson’s plastic-free tour, all beverages at Slow Food Nations will be served in reusable stainless steel cups provided by Eco Imprints and purchased with an initial drink order. All vendors are encouraged to use compostable products, supplied by Boulder based company Eco Products. Delegates will be given reusable bamboo utensils, donated by U•KONSERVE, and recycled fiber notebooks, donated by Scout Books.

As you taste and explore the festival at Union Station and Larimer Square, you will never lose site of Zero Hero compost, recycling and waste bins. We don’t want you stumbling over wasteful non-compostable products at the event this July!

Love the Earth: Talks and Workshops

We also have a great lineup of events that are focused on sustainability and food waste issues. Together, let’s converse, taste, and enjoy ourselves without making such a detrimental environmental footprint. Hope to see you there!

Compact Farm Tour with Josh Volk

Visit four urban compact farms around Denver and learn from farmers about the success of compact farming. Each stop will include an interview with the farmer, a brief tour of the farm, and will highlight three unique aspects that have contributed to their success. Your tour guide is Josh Volk, author of Compact Farms and expert at engaging farm tours. By the end, you’ll be converted to the philosophy of small is beautiful. Buy tickets ($35).

Waste Not: The Endless Unsustainability of Restaurants

Carrot tops, pork bones, vegetable skins… how much organic matter ends up in a restaurant’s dumpsters? And more importantly—how can we minimize waste and maximize the utility of our ingredients? Buy tickets ($35).

Food Waste to the Rescue!

In this vibrant panel discussion, experts from across the country will offer creative ideas about the role food waste can play in solving food insecurity. They will also explore how communities can prioritize and promote access to healthy food. Finally, they will discuss how organizations like Slow Food and Metro Caring can be part of the solution.  Following the discussion, there will be a chance to tour Metro Caring’s state-of-the-art hunger prevention center and see how this revolutionary nonprofit is serving the community through healthful food access, nutrition education, and self-sufficiency programming. Buy tickets ($35).

La transformación de los mercados en México

Slow Food Mexico is transforming rural and urban relations with a series of exciting projects. By connecting local producers with chefs and buyers, they create a market for local food products and create a virtuous circle of supply and demand. The products are all sourced using environmentally friendly and traditional methods. This ecogastronomy concept ultimately helps lift rural producers out of poverty and social exclusion. RSVP here (free).

Critter Cooking: The Art and Science of Insect Cuisine

Come learn how—and why—to add edible insects to your diet! Join Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch’s founder, Wendy Lu McGill, in a lively discussion and cooking demo to learn about this delicious, nutritious and sustainable whole food. Edible insects are likely the first animals eaten by humans, are regularly eaten by two billion people around the world, and are considered a “future food” in the West. Come find out what the buzz is! You’ll make and enjoy three dishes: Congolese-style crickets with jasmine rice, mixed green salad with roasted molitos, and chocolate chirp cookies. Buy tickets ($39).

Gardens Galore

Schools, property developers, and urban planners have been reinventing the vegetable garden. But does it really have an impact? Learn how Alice Waters, Ron Finley, and Kimbal Musk define the garden revolution, and what they’re doing to get the rest of America to join them. Christine Muhlke of Bon Appetit magazine leads the discussion about how gardening fits into our lives—and institutions. Buy tickets ($15).

Craft Coffee and the Current Climate

Join a coffee farmer, a sustainability expert, and Christy Thorns, director of sourcing for Colorado-based Allegro Coffee, for a panel discussion and coffee tasting. Learn about the current challenges facing the coffee supply chain from seed to cup and have a lively discussion about the conscious coffee movement. How can we make a difference with responsibly sourced coffee, improved producer-roaster partnerships, and your weekly coffee purchase? Then gather at our Slow Bar for a pour-over experience featuring micro lot coffee from Allegro Coffee Roasters. Buy tickets ($52).

Zero Waste Family Meal

There’s no way to avoid the truth: Food scraps and food waste are inevitable in our current culinary climate. On Sunday night, we’ll help alleviate the problem by inviting chefs Steven Satterfield, Daniel Asher, Phil Jones, Jamey Feder and more for a delicious family meal created from the food scraps of Slow Food Nations. As these chefs band together for this pre-service style meal, we’ll get to taste the possibilities of cooking with food that may have otherwise been wasted. Buy tickets ($26).

Deeply Rooted

Join John Coykendall, Christina Melton and Vince Hayward for a screening and discussion of the film, “Deeply Rooted.” For nearly four decades, John Coykendall’s passion has been preserving the farm heritage—the seeds and stories—of a small farming community in Louisiana. A Tennessee native, the 74-year-old horticultural genius is a true Renaissance man and a celebrity in a growing movement that places a premium on farm-to-table cuisine and locally sourced, organic, heirloom food and flavor. Buy tickets ($15).

Sustainability Partners

All At Once will be matching the total funds raised this year. 

Don’t forget to spread the word! Go #AAOPlasticFree on all your social media accounts! 

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