These are the leaders who started the Slow Food movement and the ones who push it in new and exciting directions. Meet them in person, be inspired by their ideas, and raise a toast to good, clean and fair food for all.

  • Josh Volk
  • Carrie Balkcom
  • Dr. David Shields
  • Wendy Lu McGill
  • Joël McClurg
  • Reuben Gregory
  • Adam Schlegel
  • Alex Seidel
  • Alice Waters
  • Alon Shaya
  • Andrea Bariselli
  • Angela Harris
  • Aretta Begay
  • Blake Angelo
  • Brenda Ruiz
  • Cathy Strange
  • Chad Michael George
  • Chanowk Yisrael
  • Christine Muhlke
  • Christy Thorns